Quality Petwear - Custom Fitted Apparel For Your Pet

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How To Measure Your Pet


This is the most important step in ordering items from Quality Petwear! Please follow ALL instructions carefully as Quality Petwear is not responsible for errors in measurment.

1) Measure all the way around the neck, as loose as you would like it to be.

2) Measure from back of neck to base of tail.

3) Measure around the chest right behind the front legs at the fullest part of the chest.

4) On the front leg, measure from the armpit down the leg to the length you want the pants leg to be. This is best to do when your pet is standing.

5) Please measure around the waist all the way around in the necessary area.

6) For Belly Bands, please measure as in step 5 above but wrap the measuring tape over penis (with penis laying flat on lower belly).

When you measure your pet, make sure to not measure tight, or too loose either.

Tip: If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string to measure then carefully measure the string length with a ruler or yardstick.

Please be sure to measure your pet accurately as this will help to assure a proper fit.

X-Small – Neck 9", Chest 11 ½" , Body length 9 ½"

Toy – Neck 9 ¾", Chest 14", Body length 10 ¼"

Small – Neck 10 ½" , Chest 17", Body length 13 ½"

Medium – Neck 12", Chest 18", Body length 14 ½"

Large – Neck 14", Chest 18", Body length 16"

X-Large - ANY size LARGER than Neck 14", Chest 18", Body length 16"

Orders placed with different measurements should be ordered by actual measurements not size.